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Topex Creator 24 PC Ladies Toolkit

TOPEX Creator set includes 24 elements selected for plumbing work. The pliers enable gripping pipes of various sizes, the adjustable wrench allows unscrewing and screwing, while the universal pliers can be used in many household chores. The set is supplemented with a handle for ratchet screwdriver bits with a set of 20 bits. Whole set is packed in a convenient suitcase that makes it easy to store, transport and maintain the perfect order in the tools. Feminine colors, style and careful implementation of the TOPEX Creator line is an excellent choice for women who want to have their own reliable tools.


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Topex Hand Tools

Topex Tools offers a wide variety of handheld and power tools. High-quality steel is used to manufacture these tools in high-end facilities in Europe. Therefore provides durable hand tools that you can rely on to do any job. Please browse our Topex Tool range to find what you are looking for. Topex Tools are affordable and durable and ready for any job.