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TOPEX axe is a versatile tool designed mainly for works in garden and forest. Elastic axe head is made of high quality tool steel, selectively hardened and resistant to cracking caused by impact. Strong blade with great resistance to blunting. Handle is made of fibreglass, this material is very resistant to temperature changes, moisture and mechanical damages, which improves axe strength. Ergonomic handle is coated with anti slip material and provides comfort and safety when working. TÜV, GS certificates and manufacturing process compliant with DIN 5131 guarantee reliability. TOPEX brand is oriented towards DIY enthusiasts.


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Topex Tools offers a wide variety of handheld and power tools. High-quality steel is used to manufacture these tools in high-end facilities in Europe. Therefore provides durable hand tools that you can rely on to do any job. Please browse our Topex Tool range to find what you are looking for. Topex Tools are affordable and durable and ready for any job.