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Introducing the NEO laser distancer is a high-quality device for measuring distance, area, and volume. Features of the range finder allow for adding and subtracting the results, making intermediate measurements (using Pythagorean theorem) and continuous measurements.

The device is also equipped with an automated level for continuous reading of the device’s angular position.

The maximum operating range is 60 m and measurement accuracy is +/- 2 mm. The product can be used in civil engineering, land surveying, technical projects, or at home. The device is designed to operate in a temperature range 0°C to 40°C.

• Battery type 3 x AAA
• Accuracy ±2 mm
• Protection level IP65
• Range 60 m
• screen size 2 cal
• Change the unit of measurement m/ft/inch
• memory reading, amount Yes, 20
• Functions Distance, area, volume measurement, Indirect-Pythagoras, add, subtract, continuous measurement; change starting point (front, middle, back)