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Graphite Drill Features

  • Ergonomic shape and precise balance
  • Two gear design allows to adjust rotational speed and torque to the task at hand
  • 3 functions: drilling, impact drilling and screwdriving with 18-position torque adjustment
  • Charging peripheral devices through USB port located on the battery
  • Battery level indicator
  • Workplace LED illumination
  • Full metal chuck
  • Charger switch off trips after the battery has been charged or temperature limit has been reached


Graphite Power Tools

Graphite Power Tools is a high-quality tools brand from Europe, now available in South Africa. Graphite offers reliability as well as robust to get any job done. It does not matter if you have a DIY Projects you are a pro contractor.  From angle grinders to demolition hammers for any job will be handled by Graphite Power Tools. Durable and designed to last all Graphite Power Tools built with high-quality materials in high-end facilities. With a full range of added accessories, you cannot go wrong with Graphite Power Tools.