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Graphite Planer 850W

Graphite planer 850W, designed for wood processing. The tool features modern design and ergonomic shape. Aluminum footplate does not deform.

Also The tools allow for planning width 82 mm and planning depth up to 3 mm. Furthermore, for rebating the depth range is 0 to 12 mm. During operation, the motor can rotate the planer barrel with speed up to 16500 rpm.

Anti-slip padding on main handle, additional handle and planning depth adjustment knob allow for firm grip of the planer. The tool features automatic extension of the park rest. Wood chips never accumulate under aluminum pad, as they are automatically thrown away to right or left side.

Three V-grooves allow to process also edges. Planer kit includes: dust bag, parallel guide, support and rebating guide. The tool comes with 24-month warranty.

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Graphite Power Tools

Graphite Power Tools is a high-quality tools brand from Europe, now available in South Africa. Graphite offers reliability as well as robust to get any job done. It does not matter if you have a DIY Projects you are a pro contractor.  From angle grinders to demolition hammers for any job will be handled by Graphite Power Tools. Durable and designed to last all Graphite Power Tools built with high-quality materials in high-end facilities. With a full range of added accessories, you cannot go wrong with Graphite Power Tools.