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Special GRAPHITE finishing sander (ref. no. 59G323) with 380 W motor is designed to process and clean surfaces with various structures and hardness. Size of backing pad: 113×225 mm.

The tool with its ergonomic shape and proper balance provides high work comfort. Body and main handle of the tool are coated with anti slip material. Sander switch has convenient continuous operation locking feature and allows for continuous adjustment of rotational speed. No load sander speed is 6000 to 11000 rpm, idle oscillation speed is 12000 to 22000 oscillations per minute.

Oscillation amplitude is 2 mm. The sander is equipped with aluminium alloy backing pad resistant to high temperatures. It is possible to replace sponge on the backing pad. The sander also features dust extraction system and system for quick replacement of sanding paper.

The sander comes in set with dust bag and additional sanding paper. Compliance with European standards is confirmed with CE certificate.


Graphite Power Tools

Graphite Power Tools is a high-quality tools brand from Europe, now available in South Africa. Graphite offers reliability as well as robust to get any job done. It does not matter if you have a DIY Projects you are a pro contractor.  From angle grinders to demolition hammers for any job will be handled by Graphite Power Tools. Durable and designed to last all Graphite Power Tools built with high-quality materials in high-end facilities. With a full range of added accessories, you cannot go wrong with Graphite Power Tools.