Payment options

We offer 2 payment options to our customers

EFT or bank transfers

You are welcome to browse, review and shop online at your convenience! to purchase you can make payment via bank EFT.  Please ensure that you include your order number as a reference for a speedy dispatch. Please note that good will only be dispatched once payment is confirmed in our bank.

Payment via secure online Payment

For your convenience you are welcome to check out your order via PayFast, PayFast is one of the most popular secure online payment facilitators in South Africa, Pay with your debit, credit or other available payment methods.

You can rest assured that your transactions are done via a secure connection. For more information on PayFast please visit the PayFast website

Request an account

We offer 30-day accounts to our customers that buy in bulk or has fixed orders, please note should you opt-in for an account you will enjoy bulk pricing as well as not to be missed specials and promotion.

Please note that before accounts are activated you will be required to apply. Credit Assessment Applications are forwarded to an accredited Credit Bureau for validation. The normal lead-time is 5 – 7 working days from the date of receipt is required.

Forward your information to for an information brochure and application